Double wall tray boxes make clothes packaging appealing

double wall tray boxes

Packaging is one of the essential things that help the product to present nicely, on the other hand, it also helps the brand to get promoted and gain sales. Whereas, fashion products always get the attention of the customers. The two main things that complete fashion packaging are packaging design and packaging functionality. As more consumers purchase online, it is a must to make their unboxing experience outstanding regarding improving user experience. Packaging provides a tremendous opportunity for all fashion firms, particularly online-first fashion brands, to leave a unique, curated, and good impression on their clients.

The garment market has become highly diverse, and in a competitive market, brands battle for buyers with their rivals. A visually appealing packaging design is vital for making the best brand impression on the buyer. Your product packaging must be appealing to differ from others. Double wall tray box packaging not only adds beauty to the product but also boosts its market worth. It also provides a realistic technique to maintain a positive impression. Further, in the reading, you will be exposed to its benefits.

Rigid Boxes

The strength of the double wall tray boxes is substantial. They can keep their rigidity while also offering additional protection to the product inside. They are durable and strong because of their high-quality material usage. Their well-designed construction guarantees product safety and is the finest to use even during shipping. Their strong nature makes them rigid enough to withstand long-distance shipment and can accommodate all lightweight things easily. On the other hand, they lock the boxes from all sides and keep out any outside element that could be able to harm the stored goods with their front and back panels. The closed lid enhances the box’s visual appeal while also protecting the top.

double wall tray boxes

Get Creative and Unique

Design a packaging that is loud in its creativity to make it stand out from all the competitors. Using an interesting color palette on the packages that correspond according to the brand and clothing color theme such as using double wall tray boxes for clothing. However, there is more potential to sell your products physically. Whereas, online shops need more presentations to make their product appealing and aesthetic to the customers. One can use the packaging of clothing items effectively without losing its charm.

Getting inspiration for original ideas even the internet these days suffices to provide you with information to get more creative ideas for clothing packing. Therefore, it is crucial to keep an eye on the industry trends as well as social media trends on the packaging. Presentation is essential when it comes to clothing brands and accessories to make them more presentable and appealing.

Style and Design

Designing is one of the most important steps in presenting your product. So, before you begin your word get the concept clear about what product you are going to sell. How are you attracting your target audience and how is your target audience? This is the most important phase in designing, whether you’re launching a new brand or updating an old one. In clothing marketing, the packaging is crucial as it follows campaign execution into the development and sales stage. Every garment business has a unique set of standards that determine the most important goals for developing packaging.

Following are a few ideas from which one can get inspiration:

Focus on Elegance

Have you heard that there is more elegance in simplicity? This technique is the same as that and many clothing brands use this strategy to make more sales and revenue. It is simple yet very attractive to the customer. Simply print the double wall tray box packaging using the main theme color of the brand and your logo with your slogan and call-to-action statements. As it helps to give the packaging a more aesthetic look and gives a positive impression to the customer. The box contains no extraneous frills such as graphics or drawings. It provides the clothes package with a simple and attractive appearance.

Vibrant Color

Use vibrant colors in the packaging as many customers like colorful packaging for their clothing products. It will give the packaging a distinct and unique appearance. Using bright colors on plain white packaging is a frequent market practice. Using vibrant colors can improve business sales and brand awareness. However, before implementing this strategy, you must first understand your customer preferences in general.

double wall tray boxes

Packaging Functionality

Once the design of the packaging is done. When it comes to the functionality of the product packaging it includes. First, select the proper packing materials. This is most likely the most crucial item to consider while shopping for apparel. The packaging must be the appropriate size so that the garment does not arrive crumpled. Depending on the type of product you’re delivering, we recommend including some cushioning. Secondly, avoid rolling rather fold the clothing item to eliminate crinkles using double wall tray boxes. Lastly, make sure the box is ready for shipment and make sure to properly pack the product in the packaging to avoid any type of damage and ruin


Sustainability is the key factor to impact customers with empathic and emotional aspects. This is one of the advertising strategies to gain the customer’s attention by targeting them with emotional appeal. To get progress there must be flexibility in the brand rules and standards. Therefore, use corrugated boxes for double wall tray boxes, as they are biodegradable. They are recyclable and reusable in other things. Additionally, people utilize boxes in their houses for a variety of things, such as storing items for the home.


Double wall tray boxes are secure for a longer time by using a vacuum to create a safe atmosphere for them. However, emerging fashion trends bring the need to create more effective packaging to bring the customer’s attention. As online purchase is easy but also crucial on the other hand. Therefore, it is crucial to use the best quality to sustain itself in the market.


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