Must-Note Do’s And Don’ts For Shisha Smoking In The UAE

Shisha Smoking UAE

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) welcomes millions of tourists annually from all over the world; therefore, its citizens have had to learn to accommodate visitors from various backgrounds and faiths, enjoying art, culture, Shisha catering, and adventurous activities in the country. 

Yet many exhibit profound ignorance regarding other people’s customs and beliefs. If you’re soon to visit the UAE and you intend to try shisha smoking there, here are a few basics to stay on your feet:

The UAE’s location in the Middle East has led many to believe that it is not a safe place to visit. This, however, is not even remotely true. Contrary to the popular notion, it is one of the world’s most secure destinations and an excellent destination for lone female travelers.

However, when you travel to a different country, you will be exposed to a new set of expectations. To protect everyone, even tourists, they have a few ground rules that everyone should obey. In addition, violating key rules might lead to severe consequences for the offender.

Before you go ahead and book your flight, let’s have a look at a few of these:

Avoid PDA In Public

It is essential to be respectful of UAE culture and avoid making an excessive public show of love with your partner or spouse. This behavior is unusual in the UAE and should be avoided whenever possible. 

When it comes to public displays of affection, there have been instances in which couples have even been imprisoned for indecency after going to extremes.

Remember that the differences between the sexes can be striking, especially if this is your first trip to the UAE. For example, never reach out to shake hands with someone of the other gender unless they extend their hand first.

Avoid Excessive Alcohol 

The sale of alcoholic beverages is restricted to establishments that have been granted permission. On the other hand, breaking the law by intoxicating in public is a punishable offense. 

In the United Arab Emirates, you should be careful about where you drink, maintain discretion, and try not to become too drunk.

Shisha Do’s And Don’ts

Most of the time, guests will offer their host free instructions on how to set up their Shisha pipe. Unfortunately, it’s one of the most vexing issues for any shisha user, as everyone has their preferred method of preparing the tobacco based on the shape of their pipe and taste. 

Rather than questioning their expertise, it’s best to accept their decision and join them. This is their domain; they control the furnishings, the Shisha, and the policy.

Heat Management

Allow your trained Shisha Art sommelier to steer the Shisha session. They are in charge of adjusting how hot the Shisha gets. Don’t try to outsmart him by switching things around or bringing in new charcoals. 

The staff from your Shisha catering Dubai should be the only ones who can adjust the temperature of the Shisha. If the sommelier has asked you to take care of the temperature control, you should do so to the best of your ability. To reiterate, Shisha is meant to be shared with others.

Avoid Exchanging Shisha Pipes

Use caution and get permission from the Shisha catering service provider before smoking on someone else’s Shisha. This is a crucial point of shisha etiquette. However, owning your pipe is worth it if you want the freedom to smoke Shisha whenever and whenever you want.

Avoid Reacting To Other’s Choices in Shisha Flavor 

It would be impolite to reject someone else’s Shisha because you don’t like their flavor or pipe. Instead, a guest should show deference to their host’s flavor preference, as this is a matter of personal choice. 

If you want to avoid any awkwardness once the Shisha session has begun, be sure to inform your companion what flavors you prefer to smoke.

Avoid Unwanted Shisha Feedback

People are easily insulted when given critical remarks about their Shisha. It may be helpful without sounding offensive by saying things like, “Your Shisha was amazing; maybe next time we can make thicker clouds by attempting a different arrangement with the coals or decreasing the water level in the jar?”

Avoid Blowing On Someone’s Face

It has long been deemed rude to smoke in someone else’s face. Never do this; it goes against one of the most fundamental rules of Shisha, and everyone knows it. Instead, direct the smoke down or above, away from pedestrians’ paths.

It’s a common problem, and you may recognize at least one individual who does this, repeatedly puffing on their Shisha before passing it on. 

It’s driving everyone nuts! If you are that person, it’s time to stop drinking all the water for yourself and start sharing. 

Be Mindful Of Shisha Tips

Protect the Shisha mouth tips that are handed to you at all times. The host as well as the other guests are likely to be annoyed if you lose your tongue tips and then ask for a new one. Why? 

This demonstrates a lack of responsibility when it comes to handling things; besides someone will need to locate a replacement. 

Shisha online Dubai is meant to be enjoyed in a quiet, convivial setting. Therefore, do not be an unpleasant visitor; always be accountable to others and their belongings.

Avoid The Stem Or Tray To Lift The Shisha Pipe

Avoid picking up a Shisha pipe by its tray or stem, as this could cause the pipe to topple and break the glass container it is stored in. The tray is usually placed in from the top; lifting it will cause the shisha pipe to fall. 

The stem, which is much more solid, is typically fastened to the jar by a rubber grommet, supporting the weight of the full Shisha jar. Additionally, the jar’s contents could be spilled if the jar came off due to the weight. 

You should grab the Shisha pipe by the neck of the jar, either with one hand or two. It’s a safe way to keep the pipe from toppling over if you’re trying to balance it. Then, with two hands, support the stem in the middle.

The best thing to do if you observe a novice smoker making this mistake is to kindly point out the error and explain the proper way to do it.

Dress Appropriately

If you plan on visiting a mosque, you should dress respectfully since people come there to worship and pray. Men typically wear baggy pants, long and full sleeves, while ladies wear long trousers or skirts and a huge scarf.

Try Street Food

When eating on the street in the United Arab Emirates, you won’t have to worry about falling sick (or having to use the restroom) unlike other nations. 

A shawarma wrap, savory crepes made in the Emirati style, and fresh, hot-fried doughnuts are some of the most popular dishes among the locals.

Final Note

Visiting the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and smoking Shisha is a refined pastime. The goals are fun, friendship, and a tranquil Shisha session with your peers. So don’t be a downer and ruin it for everyone! 

It is essential to recognize and adhere to the norms of Shisha conduct to appreciate this culturally rooted practice. Go where the locals go for the greatest Shisha experience in the United Arab Emirates.

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