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Palm springs art museum

Are you planning to take a little escape from city life? Need to be closer to nature for a while? Do bright colors excite you? Well, if yes, then you, my dear reader, are exactly where you belong. Just like you, we also need to take a quick trip. We say let’s do this together. Palm Spring in California sounds like a good idea to us. This desert city is visited by hundreds of thousands of visitors every year. The vibrant colors, luscious greenery, long stretch deserts, and a lot more await you and us in the city. So, let’s get some Alaska Airlines en Español and fly out to Palm Springs.

There are the the main places:

  • Palm Springs Art Museum.
  • Tahquitz Canyon.
  • Coachella Valley Preserve.
  • VillageFest.
  • Agua Caliente Indian Canyons. 535. Canyons
  • Indian Canyons Hiking Trails.
  • Palm Canyon.
  • Moorten Botanical Garden

We have prepared a list of some of the places that are too good to be missed out on.

Let’s See What We have in Store for You:

Palm Springs Aerial Tramway

Have you ever traveled on a tram?  Well, when you are in Palm Springs, you can get this experience. This adventurous ride is 10,000 feet above ground level and will give you the best views of your surroundings. Want to know the best part? This tramway has the largest rotating tramcars in the entire world. Also, while you are at the station, make sure to take a look at the gift shop and grab a bite at the restaurant.

The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens

If you are on this trip with kids, you would definitely want to go to the living desert zoo and garden. Just like the name suggests, this deserted tourist attraction has something for everyone. You want to see a huge range of animals and want your kids to explore natural habitats, so you head to the zoo. Need to be around nature’s beauty, you have various gardens to choose from. This mini-vacation will take up your time, all worth it.

Palm Springs Art Museum

If you are an aesthete and have a special corner for great artworks in your heart, then you must, for sure, want to take a tour at Palm Springs Art Museum. This museum has permanent as well as temporary exhibitions for its guests. The permanent collection itself is too huge. The temporary exhibits keep changing. Therefore, every time you visit the museum, you get to see the latest wonders of art.

Tahquitz Canyon

Do you need a break from deserts? Well, at Tahquitz Canyon, you will find a freshwater lake in the middle of deserts. Although visiting this attraction of Palm Springs will cost you a bit, but that’s all worth it. The admission fee is $12.50 because it is situated within the reservation of Cahuilla Indians. You can also get the hiking experience here at Tahquitz Canyon.

Palm Springs Air Museum

During World War II, Vietnam and Korea were two of the major countries involved. To see the aircraft from that era, head to the Palm Springs Air Museum. A collection of 40+ planes was replaced here in three different warehouses. Every warehouse is a unique collection itself. You will be astonished by the various aircraft from C-47 to PBY Catalina Flying Boat.

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Palm Canyon

The fifteen miles spread, Indian Canyon is one of the best tourist attractions in Palm Springs. With beauty like nowhere else in the city, you wouldn’t want to go back to your home once you are here.  Don’t forget to pack your picnic mat, your favorite wine, and some freshly baked goods to spend a good day out with your family. A huge range of flora and fauna is something you will encounter in Palm Canyon. Calm your soul and reflect upon your life before you head back to your daily routine.

Coachella Valley Preserve

Another outdoor spot to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life is Coachella Valley Preserve. A stretch spread across 20 thousand miles will need at least a day to explore it at its best. If you love hiking, then do not forget to bring your shoes along with you. You will find many trails here where you can be as adventurous as you want to be while enjoying the fantastic views. Also, take some time to explore the Palm House visitors center. You can also become a part of one of the many guided hiking tours here that are led by volunteers.

Closing Paragraph

From the best backdrop to long deserts, Long Spring is a gorgeous place to be at. So, without wasting any minute, pick up your mobile phone, give a call on American Airlines Español Teléfono, and get the cheapest flight bookings. Take your daily on this adventure, and you will not regret any minute or penny you spend on this trip. Be sure to explore the above-mentioned attractions and capture some of the most Instagram-worthy pictures.


  • Desert climates mean extremes. Check the weather before you visit and be prepared for hot weather during the day but cooler temps at night.
  • Pack plenty of water if you plan on hiking. These are our go-to travel water bottles: insulating, light, & a reservoir.
  • Bring a sunhat, sunglasses, & sunscreen. Be sure to reapply throughout the day.
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