Choosing the Right Tow Truck for Your Car: A Quick Guide

Towing services come in many different types. Knowing what they offer is important when you need to find a towing company. The company may ask you a few questions about your car, your location and other factors. This is to see if they are able to handle your towed and what truck to send.

You’ve probably had to call a company to tow your car at one point or another. Even if your car has never had a collision, or gotten off the road before, there are many things that can go wrong. It doesn’t matter what has gone wrong. The situation is stressful. Understanding the towing process and how your towing company selects the right truck can be helpful. We’ll discuss a few variables involved in recovering your vehicle successfully.

Vehicle Size

It’s not difficult to understand the differences between medium-duty and light-duty towing, but the service must use the correct one. You might expect that using a lighter truck to haul a heavier vehicle would be dangerous. A tow truck with insufficient power may not be able to safely transport your vehicle.

The size of your car is the most important information that the tow truck will need. The majority of cars can be safely transported with a lighter-duty truck. However, larger vehicles, such as small pickup trucks or buses, will require a medium duty haul. To call for a vehicle tow, you don’t have to know the weight of your car. Just be prepared with its make and model. The towing service company can handle the rest.

Off-Road recovery

You might need some extra power if your car is stuck in a ditch or has slid off the road during a storm. Medium-duty trucks can be used to recover vehicles, even when the vehicle is too small for light duty. Medium-duty trucks can pull heavier loads and ensure your vehicle is safe when recovering it.

Tow Location

Some cars get stuck in narrow spaces such as alleys or driveways. You may also need a winch out in these situations, if you have an off-road incident. You should be prepared to answer any questions regarding the location of your vehicle or truck so that the towing company can assess your needs.


You’ll need a flatbed truck if you have been in an accident with your vehicle. The trucks lift the vehicle to the bed, so that no part drags along the ground. It prevents any additional damage during the tow and saves you money on unnecessary repairs.

Flatbed towing can be used for cars that have been severely damaged. Towing services will either use a flatbed or car carrier if your vehicle cannot be towed using a wheel lift.

Specialty Vehicle Towing

Some cars need a bit more care when being towed, whether they are damaged or not. EVs are included, as well as collector cars, projects cars and others. You shouldn’t trust your luxury vehicle to anyone less than the best. You should make sure that the towing company you hire is capable of safely towing your vehicle. A tow truck driver who is incompetent can cause serious damage to your car. It pays to check that the tow company can handle your particular make and model.

Some electric vehicles cannot be towed with wheel-hoists because they are unable to be placed in neutral. The vehicle can be damaged if the wheels of an EV turn while being towed. Wheel-lift tow trucks can also damage low-rider cars’ undersides by rubbing them against the road.

Towing of disabled or stalled vehicles

Wheel-lift tow trucks can be used if your car won’t start but isn’t damaged. Wheel-lift tow trucks lift the tires of your car off the road, and then let the rest roll as the truck moves. If your vehicle cannot be placed in neutral for some reason, this will be used.

A car carrier is another option. D.E.A. Automotive & Towing offers two covered car carriers to transport cars in this way. Our courteous team will still be able to help you if your car cannot be driven or moved by a traditional tow truck. Please let us know about any special needs your vehicle may have so we can make arrangements.

Call D.E.A. Automotive & Towing today!

We at D.E.A. Automotive & Towing understand how stressful it can be when you require a tow. It’s annoying when your daily routine is interrupted. Your car is a big part of you. You don’t want a careless tow truck driver to make things worse. You want to be sure that your vehicle is in safe hands when you hire professional towing services. You can trust the professional and highly-experienced team at D.E.A. Automotive & Towing. Over 5 years in the business, we have a lot of experience with towing.

Tow Truck in Buzzards Bay can help you if you are stranded on the roadside of Buzzards Bay MA. Our team can provide roadside assistance such as a flat-tire replacement, jumpstart or accident recovery. All of our trucks come equipped with an air-hose, jumper cable, lockout tool, and much more. Speed’s is the answer to all of your towing requirements. Call us and we will be there in no time.

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