Exploring Surrogacy Clinics in the UK: Your Guide

Surrogacy clinic in UK

Why should we look for a surrogacy clinic in UK?

Surrogacy has become one of the most popular fertility treatments in the current world. As infertility has been on the rise it has become important to have this treatment. Surrogacy is an assistive reproductive technique in which another woman carries and delivers the baby for the couple. Moreover, this treatment has multiple stages in it. Each stage must be performed by an expert. Therefore, it is important to have this treatment at the best clinic. That is why everyone should look for a surrogacy clinic in UK. In the UK, the technology for fertility treatments and the techniques are advanced and high level. Moreover, every doctor here is an expert and highly experienced in performing surrogacy.

Surrogacy clinic in UK
Surrogacy clinic in UK

How does surrogacy work in the UK?

In surrogacy, doctors first collect the gametes of the couple. Sometimes couples ask in surrogacy whose egg is used. Firstly, the couple’s gametes are used, however, if the result is not successful then the doctors can recommend using the donor gametes. There is not any surrogate law in the UK. Instead, surrogacy UK is the best recommendation where people can have their treatment without any worry or tension. There is not any law on surrogacy, or the law surrogate law.

What are the types of Surrogacy in UK?

There are four types of surrogacy in UK. Here we will be learning about them one by one in brief details:

  • Commercial Surrogacy – Commercial surrogacy in UK is the form in which a surrogate’s services are used in written of compensation. That means every couple who needs to have surrogacy can look for a surrogate if they provide compensation to her.
  • Gestational Surrogacy – Gestational surrogacy in UK is a medical form in which both the partner can have a genetic relation with the baby. The surrogate does not receive any parental rights of the baby.
  • Altruistic Surrogacy – In altruistic surrogacy, the surrogate does not ask for money as compensation. Instead, she just wants the couple to take care of her during pregnancy and the postpartum period. Most of the time a relative who becomes a surrogate follows this form of surrogacy in UK.
  • Traditional Surrogacy – In this form the surrogate’s eggs are used. And the female partner does not get genetically related to the baby. That is why people do not prefer this form of surrogacy.

Which are the top 5 surrogacy clinics in the UK?

There are many best surrogacy clinics in UK. However, here we will be only learning about the top 5 surrogacy clinics in the UK:

·         World Fertility Services –

One of the top clinics for surrogacy in the UK is World Fertility Services which has been helping couples all over the world for 20 years. The services provided by this clinic are top-notch. From their technology to their techniques everything is advanced and high level. That is why this clinic is recommended to everyone for their surrogacy treatment in the UK.

·         Go IVF Surrogacy –

Go IVF Surrogacy has been here for 15 years and is still continuing to provide its best services to people around the world which is why they are the best surrogacy clinic in UK. They offer the best services to give every couple the most successful outcomes of their treatments. To continue to provide these successful outcomes they are still striving forward.

·         Select IVF –

Select IVF is one of the best surrogacy centres in the UK. In this centre people can stay rest assured as they would not have to worry about their safety. Everyone here follows the safety procedures. They also follow the nation’s rules and regulations.

·         We Care IVF Surrogacy –

This centre is famous for its protocol of always starting a treatment with a medical examination. The doctors here would never recommend a treatment before running a thorough medical examination on the couple. After this they also think it wise to provide counselling.

·         Bourn Hall Fertility Clinic –

With a success rate of around 70%, this clinic has become one of the most recognized one. The doctors here are all highly qualified to perform the treatments. They are polite and friendly to their patients and always do their work with full dedication.

best Surrogacy clinic in UK
best Surrogacy clinic in UK

What are the benefits provided by the best surrogacy clinic in UK?

There are many benefits provided by the best surrogacy clinic in UK. Some of them we will discuss here:

  • The first benefit is that every treatment here is highly successful. The success rate of surrogacy is around 80% in the UK.
  • Secondly, they prioritize safety over the success of the treatment. Even if a treatment might cause side effects, they would discuss this with the patient first.
  • Thirdly, treatments here are primarily affordable and reasonable. People would not have to worry about the money or cost.
  • Fourthly, every doctor at this centre is highly qualified and knows how to perform treatments with various skills and methods.
  • The staff members of this centre are all professional and friendly. These staff members are always ready to help any patient. They also take care of the centre’s atmosphere.
  • Also, this centre focuses on the hygiene and cleanliness of the surroundings. That is why germs and viruses do not spread here.
  • Moreover, they provide every information regarding the treatment to the patients. No one would hide anything from the patient.

What is the surrogacy success rate in UK?

The surrogacy success rate in the UK is around 80% with the use of self gametes. However, with the use of donor gametes, this rate can be around 90%. But everyone must keep in mind that only the centre is not responsible for this success rate. Instead, the couple is responsible too. They have to make sure they are healthy and have stopped anything that can lead to harm their success rate. Such as the addiction to smoking and drinking. People nowadays are having bad habits that can affect their body health. All day long they stay on their phone and do not exercise. All of this affects their bodies. Therefore, during surrogacy couples must take care of themselves and the surrogate’s health too.

How much does surrogacy cost in the UK?

For the surrogacy cost in the UK everyone should know that different centres have different costs. Every centre has a different level of technology and techniques, and even the doctors’ experiences are different. Some centres have various treatments to provide while some do not. Therefore, all of these aspects affect the cost of the surrogacy in UK. That is why couples should contact the centres or clinics they have chosen and ask them directly about the cost. They can do that through the websites of those centres

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