7 Best Android Apps for Web Developers and Designers

Web developers lead fast-paced lives and enjoy using smart, portable devices constantly, just like the general public. Particularly, web developers are accustomed to working with mobile devices rather than always relying on stationary desktops or laptops.

Due to their many practical applications, smartphones and tablets allow software developers to work longer hours when commuting, traveling, or in simple outgoing use cases. Instead of requiring extensive core coding work, Android apps assist with supplementary tasks. Therefore, you have to consider these 7 best Android Apps for web developers and designers. So, stay with us here and keep scrolling below.

Top 7 Best Android Apps for Web Developers and Designers

Web designers and developers must remain connected and productive even when they are on the move in the fast-paced digital world of today. For professionals in these fields, Android tablets and smartphones have become essential tools. Here is a list of the top 7 Android apps for web designers and developers to keep you on top of your game. These applications will optimize your workflow and boost your productivity, whether you’re managing projects, coding, or designing.

1. Google Analytics

When using standard Google Analytics on their website, web developers always aim for traffic and other analytics. Their websites and web applications’ GA or other analytics integrations require frequent checks. Google Analytics is a crucial tool if you’re in charge of monitoring the performance of websites or applications. You can track site traffic, user behavior, and other crucial metrics while you’re on the move with the Android app.

It gives you practically all the information you need about your GA account on the website. It deserves recognition for its hourly views and exceptionally clear visualizations. For this, most of the users get services to optimize their websites. Therefore, you have to contact them to develop and optimize your business website along with the latest version of apps that eventually enhance the user experience.

2. Hackers Keyboard

Web programmers always seek out keyboards that resemble desktop or laptop computers, and Android devices are not very user-friendly for coders. Additionally, programmers’ needs are scarcely being met by the keyboard apps available in app stores. For Android devices, there is an app called Hackers Keyboard that offers five rows and a desktop-like experience to users. Bonuses include multiple layouts and language options.

3. VT View Source

When creating the final code, web developers usually view the source code and make temporary modifications. To view HTML, CSS, JS, XML, and other sources in real time, users often click the “Inspect” option in the desktop version of the Chrome browser. Because of this, developers are constantly looking for a mobile application that allows them to view source code while they’re on the go.

The VT View Source app has many appealing features, such as support for various syntaxes, line numbers, customizable colors, highlighting themes, text wrap, active links in the source, and various modes for distinct views. Developers can also view the source code by opening it, just like they can on a desktop.

4. Color Picker

The challenges of color selection arise in various forms for developers working on websites. Thus, in mobile working and designing contexts, an Android app dedicated to colors could be extremely helpful.

Several color models, including RGB, HSV, HSL, YUV, and others, are available for developers. The interface models also have a palette and a slider for changing colors. Also available in HEX and decimal formats is the color code.

5. WordPress for Android

Using Android applications on a mobile device, the WordPress backend and dashboard of WordPress websites may provide true mobility in the truest sense. Web developers can now access all WordPress features and functionalities more conveniently on their Android devices by using this app, which makes it possible to complete all backend-related tasks for WordPress. As a result, you can easily manage comments plugins, create new posts, edit old posts, and perform analysis while on the road.

6. Webmaster’s HTML Editor Lite

Web developers are constantly searching for a lightweight yet powerful HTML editor to complete webmaster-related tasks, as the rudimentary text editors on Android devices are unable to edit web pages. The HTML Editor Lite from Webmaster is a good option. With sufficient programming editing features and tools, it also enables you to work with PHP, CSS, JavaScript, and other web technologies.

7. AndFTP

Not all web hosting services come with the newest version of cPanel or other comparable features and functionality that webmasters and web developers need daily to upload and manage code documents, multimedia content, and other files and folders. Therefore, a variety of web protocols, such as FTP, SFTP, SCP, FTPS, and others, are required to support content upload and other file transfer tasks.

The AndFTP app is a great app that the developer and webmaster community have made available for Android users in due course. Therefore, you have to hire professional web development companies in Dubai to customize the latest version of the website for your business.

Bottom Line

These Android apps address the particular requirements of designers and web developers. These apps will support your efficient and productive work, whether you’re coding, designing, managing projects, or collaborating with your team. When you have the appropriate set of tools, you can work more efficiently and effectively on the web even when you’re not using your computer.

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