Benefit Of Amla Juice That Makes You Drink It

The drinking of amla juice for health benefits has been part of Indian culture for hundreds of years. Its impressive benefits are spread all over the world. Let’s know about the benefits of amla juice, …

The drinking of amla juice for health benefits has been part of Indian culture for hundreds of years. Its impressive benefits are spread all over the world. Let’s know about the benefits of amla juice, so it gets easy for you to use it.

What is amla juice?

Amla juice is a pure blend of amla berry, also known as Indian gooseberry. It is pale green in colour and semi-transparent in appearance. The amla berry usage has been famous from ancient times for its culinary and medical properties. Amla berry is quite bitter in taste, hence amla juice is also bitter. However, the incredible variety of nutrients and antioxidants present in the amla juice. It is rich in Vitamin C, which holds the highest concentration of antioxidants. Other active ingredients are ellagitannins, flavonoids, kaempferol, gallic acid and many more.

Amazing Benefits of Amla Juice

The most notable benefit you will get with the use of amla juice on regular days are-

  • Prevent ageing

The fruit and juice rich in antioxidants are effective for youthful skin. The use of amla juice also helps to prevent the sign of ageing by reducing wrinkles, fine lines and increasing skin elasticity. However, it improves the overall appearance of the skin. Antioxidants like vitamin C, flavonoids, etc work to eliminate the free radicals and prevent cell mutation, which reduces skin sagging. Cell mutation is the main reason for skin sagging and damage collagen.

  • Lower Cholesterol Level

According to a recent study, it is found that the regular use of amla juice is effective to lower the cholesterol level in the body. In fact, it is now being incorporated into more treatment strategies due to its exceptionally high levels of key antioxidants. Amla juice is the best home remedy to reduce cholesterol for years. Lower cholesterol is good for the heart, weight management and overall body. 

  • Improve respiratory health

Amla juice has been used to promote respiratory health for centuries. Amla is the source of good anti-inflammatory properties. It reduces the inflammation in the body and leads to a healthy respiratory system. It reduces the underlying infections in your airways and supports better breathing & respiratory function. The use of amla reduces the swelling inside the airways, smoothens the muscles and is also effective for asthma. An asthmatic patient should add amla juice to their diet.

  • Improve digestion

Amla juice is rich in fibre, which improves digestive health. Amla juice helps the body to regulate better bowel movement and is effective in reducing the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome. While too much causes constipation, a moderate amount of this juice can reduce gastric inflammation and stimulate normal bowel movements. The antioxidant compound also works to eliminate the unwanted toxic from the stomach and intestine. Hence, it is good for the overall health.

  • Improve heart

Amla juice and its possible effect in decreasing blood pressure has been the subject of numerous investigations. Being a source of Vitamin C, it is a great ingredient for better heart health. Vitamin C provides strength to the arteries in your heart and is also helpful to boost blood flow. Potassium in amla juice lowers blood vessel and artery stress, preventing atherosclerosis, heart attacks, and strokes. Amla has many nutrients that support heart health. People who have high bad cholesterol and high blood pressure should try amla juice for a few days.

  • Increase Immunity

Amla juice is known to boost the immune system and prevent the body from infection and diseases. From years back, amla berry has been used for the immune system. Being a source of powerful antioxidants, it reduces the oxidative stress in the body and keeps the free radicals away and supports immunity. The rich vitamin c juice also increases white blood production and fights the disease-causing bacteria and offers a better lifestyle.

  • Hair Health

Drinking amla juice provides minerals, antioxidants, and nutrients that promote hair. Well, it can be consumed or applied topically for better hair health. Drinking and applying the amla juice reduces the inflammation from the scalp and promotes healthy hair follicles, and prevents dandruff. Amla juice is also used in many hair products and hair masks to offer shiny and better health. Add amla juice to your diet, if you want shiny and stronger hair naturally.

  • Weight Loss

Amla is known as a weight-loss supplement. Amal juice is low in calories and rich in fibre, which maintains the calories in the body. As we know, amla juice supports the digestive system and speeds up the metabolism, increasing passive fat burning while also lowering LDL cholesterol levels is a win-win situation. The vitamin C and omega-3 fatty acids in the juice can also help you feel more energised without adding calories or fat to your diet. This drink has a lot of antioxidants that might assist your body detox.

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