Bada Lee: A Dance Odyssey – From Wrestler to Choreographer Extraordinaire


Bada Lee: A Journey Through Dance

In the vibrant world of South Korean dance, Bada Lee emerges as a dynamic force, weaving her story through resilience, creativity, and an unwavering dedication to her craft.

Early Years: Transition from Wrestler to Dancer

Bada’s journey began uniquely as a wrestler during her middle school years. Despite achieving a top-ranking in the youth women’s division, an injury redirected her path toward the captivating world of dance.

High School Days and Formative Experiences

During her high school days, fate led Bada to the same school as actress Nam Ji Hyun, sparking the beginning of her artistic journey. From 2015 to 2016, she played a pivotal role in the dance team CUPCAKES, founded by Girin Jang, also functioning as a dance instructor, nurturing budding talents at the esteemed Seoul Dance Studio.

Distinct Style: Cargo Pants and Lip Tint

Bada’s uniqueness extends beyond her dance moves. She consciously chooses cargo pants and a hat to deflect attention, letting her artistry speak volumes. In her makeup routine, lip tint becomes a signature touch, adding a hint of individuality to her appearance.

Multifaceted Roles: Instructor and Mentor

Currently, Bada Lee serves as an instructor at both the Just Jerk Academy Hapjeong branch and the URBANPLAY Dance Academy. Her influence extends beyond the classroom, where she imparts knowledge and expertise, shaping the next generation of performers.

Global Dance Ambassador: Language and Connections

Language poses no barrier for Bada Lee in the global dance community. Fluent in both Korean and English, she fosters connections and collaborations effortlessly. Her friendship with hip-hop dancer GOF and V (BTS) adds a personal touch to her journey.

From Backup Dancer to Renowned Choreographer

Bada Lee’s versatility shines as she transitions from a backup dancer to a renowned choreographer. Her resume boasts collaborations with prominent artists such as Kai (EXO), Lisa (BLACKPINK), CL (2NE1), and more. Her recognition among SM Entertainment artists cements her status in the industry.

Journey as a Crew Leader: BEBE and “Street Woman Fighter 2”

Assuming a leadership role, Bada Lee formed the dance crew BEBE, showcasing not only her dance prowess but also her ability to lead and inspire. Her journey reached new heights as she participated in the intense competition of “Street Woman Fighter 2.”

Behind the Scenes: Choreographer and Main Dancer

Bada Lee’s impact extends to the creation of intricate choreographies for various artists. Her expertise shines through in choreographing for WAYV, NCT, TRI.BE, Shownu X TEN, VeriVery, and more. Notably, she takes on the role of the main dancer for Lisa (BLACKPINK).

Philosophy and Inspirations: Motivating Words

Bada Lee’s philosophy is encapsulated in her favorite phrase, “Today is the youngest day of my life.” This positive outlook reflects her commitment to continuous growth and artistic exploration. The driving force of “You are good” motivates her, while the prospect of hearing “You’re not good at it” is something she prefers to avoid.

Choreographic Masterpieces: Defining Works

In the realm of choreography, Bada Lee leaves an indelible mark with works like “Rover” & “Peaches” (EXO’s Kai), “Next Level” (aespa), “LILI’s FILM The Movie” (BLACKPINK’s Lisa), and “MAVERICK” (THE BOYZ). Each piece showcases her ability to capture the essence of the music and translate it into captivating movements.

Favorite Choreography and Collaborations: Personal Picks

Among her numerous choreographies, the one that holds a special place in Bada Lee’s heart is “Zoo” by NCT X aespa. Her collaboration with Taeyong (NCT) stands out as the most extensive, illustrating a unique synergy between two artistic minds. Notably, she expressed her unexpected appreciation for the choreography of “Next Level” by aespa.

Quirks and Preferences: A Glimpse into Bada Lee’s Personal Life

Beyond the stage, Bada Lee’s life is peppered with intriguing quirks and preferences. If given the chance to switch souls for a day, she’d choose her bed, underlining her appreciation for rest and comfort. While dancing, she favors clothes that hold on tightly, emphasizing the importance of comfort in her craft.

Drive and Challenges: Journey Behind the Scenes

Before gracing the stage, Bada Lee grapples with nervousness and excitement, revealing a vulnerability that adds depth to her artistic persona. The words “You are good” serve as her driving force, propelling her to overcome challenges and deliver stellar performances.

As Bada Lee continues to make strides in the world of dance, audiences can anticipate more mesmerizing choreographies, innovative collaborations, and, most importantly, a continued commitment to artistic expression. Her legacy as a dancer who doesn’t stay still echoes in each move, leaving an indelible mark on the vibrant tapestry of South Korean dance.

Bada Lee’s journey through the realms of dance unfolds as a testament to her resilience, creativity, and unwavering dedication. As she continues to carve her path, audiences can expect a cascade of mesmerizing choreographies, innovative collaborations, and an ever-evolving commitment to her craft. Her legacy as a dynamic force in South Korean dance expands with each performance, leaving an indelible mark on the tapestry of the industry. Bada Lee’s narrative is a symphony of passion, talent, and a ceaseless pursuit of artistic excellence, ensuring that her story resonates as a source of inspiration for aspiring dancers and enthusiasts alike.




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