Ayurvedic Products For The Skin- Best Ayurvedic Herbs For Healthy Skin

Ayurvedic medicine explains to us how our skin is part of the whole. It is not only what we see from the outside. If we understand how it is connected to the body and emotion, …

Ayurvedic medicine explains to us how our skin is part of the whole. It is not only what we see from the outside. If we understand how it is connected to the body and emotion, we will be able to care for it in a better and more real way. 

Using cosmetics does not reflect internal care. It is just external care. We should consider internal care on a daily basis and reflect on the functioning of our organs, our digestive system, the quality of our food, our emotions and our rest, revealing the outside as we are inside.

There are a wide variety of ayurvedic products and practices that help us to get the desired skin by improving the overall body. Before choosing herbs and other products for your care, it is important to understand what skin is for Ayurveda Medicine. We will jump to the Ayurvedic product that is effective for skincare later. First, learn about the dosha on the skin.

Dosha On Our Skin

Pitta dosha is responsible for the Skin. Pitta dosha belongs to the Fire and Water. It is in charge of the skin colour, freshness, texture and temperature. 

Similarly, the chemicals, soaps, medicines, lotions, and other chemical or natural products that we apply to skin are processed by this dosha. This is why the excessive sun and sea exposure causes the skin to become reddish and irritated, raising its temperature, losing water and suppleness, and causing burning, a burning sensation, and premature ageing.

As a result, the skin is particularly responsive to heat, high temperatures, and spicy, extremely hot, acidic, and salty meals. Hence, Pitta Dosha helps to regulate the functioning of the skin, regulate the digestive system, and function the liver and more.

4 Ayurvedic Products For The Skin

Now, let’s come to the ayurvedic products that you can add to your diet for pitta dosha and skincare. Below ayurvedic products can be magical for your skin. You can go with any of these and buy ayurvedic products online.


Amla, a very famous Indian Fruit. It is also known as Indian gooseberry. Amla is rich in Vitamin C that works as an antioxidant. An antioxidant in the body reduces oxidative stress and restores the lost shine of the skin. Amla is also known as a great anti-ageing herb. It reduces the sign of ageing like wrinkles, fine lines and promotes healthy skin cells. Moreover, amla is able to promote elasticity, regeneration of skin cells means it helps to tighten the skin and heal the skin cell from inside.

If you want healthy glowing skin, adding amla to your daily routine might be effective. 

Amla usage is not just limited to the skin. It is an adaptogenic act that reduces the stress and pressure in the body. Hence, it protects the skin cells from the lot of stress that is the main cause of dull skin.


Tulsi is a traditional herb with many medicinal properties. Tulsi is also known as Basil. It has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, anti-bacterial, etc effects for a healthy body. Tulsi can fight the virus, bacteria that infect the body & skin and causes acne, pimples and more. Moreover, it may be able to reduce the ageing symptoms like fine lines, wrinkles, etc.

Tulsi is rich in sources and minerals. It provides deep nourishment to the skin level and promotes a smooth skin texture for all age groups and skin types.  It is one of the best skin-friendly ayurvedic products. It is very easy to add tulsi to your diet or many products also available in the market like panch Tulsi drops.


Ginseng is a highly famous ayurvedic product for multiple things. Among all, Korean red ginseng is the best one. Korean red ginseng boosts the energy level, immunity system and protects the skin from many problems. Overall health boosts the pitta dosha and is perfect for skin health. Many Korean and Japanese skincare contains ginseng as the main ingredient because it is anti-ageing in effect. It fights the main cause of ageing and supports glowing and younger skin for the boy. Moreover, it is also good to protect from the sunlight and save the skin cells from damage.

Haldi (Turmeric)

Haldi is one of the ayurvedic products for skincare. You might have heard of using haldi for the skin because it is not new. Haldi has been used for years for external health as well as internal health. It is warm in nature so support pitta dosha too. The curcumin compounds of haldi are responsible for good health as well as healthy skin. It also has anti-ageing properties that reduce the dullness and wrinkles of the face and skin. You should consume haldi daily to see changes to your skin. Haldi is also known for its glowing skin. Boost your health with haldi as well as youthful skin.

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