Top 6 Advantages of Wiley x Safety Glasses for Kids

wiley x kids glasses

It might challenge for an active child who needs eyeglasses. A lot of kids with poor vision like sports and can play very vigorously. From baseball to volleyball, soccer to strength training, the final thing you wish is for your kid to remove their glasses for sports. Thus, you send your child in ‘blind’.

As a result, Wiley X created the Youth Force brand for children that can wear prescription safety glasses. These attractive, flexible frames and sturdy lenses were designed for kids with poor vision to participate in sports with their classmates. These safety glasses are designed for modern sports children require, and Wiley X safety glasses demonstrate this care. Let’s glance at some of the advantages your youngster will enjoy from wearing their prescription glasses on the field.

  1. Durable Design

The most crucial feature of these flexible sports safety glasses is their long-lasting construction. If a youngster opts to wear their everyday spectacles to a sporting event, parents are on high alert because an improper impact might ruin the frames forever. Thus, WileyX glasses have a smooth finish and robust hinges, so they’re ready to hit the grass several times with nothing to cling to and remarkably sturdy materials. With any of the available versions, you do not need to worry about damaged child faces.

  1. Flexible Frames for Maximum Comfort

Traditional glasses are constructed of thin material and tough plastic. Although this is perfectly practical for sitting in class, standard glasses are not suitable for sports because they hurt a child’s face. Nobody really likes the experience of having standard glasses parts unexpectedly forced into their face. Besides, the nosepiece and earpiece push into the child’s eye sockets.

On the other hand, WileyX rx safety glasses designers were obviously aware of the issue and found a solution. Thus, they designed a rubberized full frame and even softer rubber for the ear and nose nosepieces. The smooth, rounded style removes sharp edges that could create a problem.

  1. Polycarbonate Shatterproof Lenses

Since the invention of polycarbonate lenses, it is significantly much safer for playing sports while wearing safety glasses. However, parents are still concerned that an errant ball to its face or a fall to the ground can prove more fatal consequences than fractured glasses. Therefore, Wiley X is well renowned for their several lines of advanced manufacturing safety glasses including the youth line.

All WileyX glasses come with shatter-resistant polycarbonate lenses that meet the ASTM F803 sports safety requirements that protect your child’s eyes from fractured plastic.

  1. Goggle Strap Option for Optimal Safety

One of the best features of safety glasses is something that nearly no other pair of glasses can provide, like earpiece customization. While the mode of these safety glasses is extremely safe and secure for children. Besides, the earpieces can be removed with the press of a button at the temples and replaced with a similar stretchy goggle strap. It can secure the glasses to your child’s face firmly and securely, eliminating the possibility of those eyeglasses flying across the field after an unusual hit. Your kid will never have to wait to fix their glasses or grab them from the sidelines because they can easily switch back to earpieces when the game is over.

  1. 100% UV Safety

According to recent research, parents are increasingly concerned about subjecting their kids to too many Ultraviolet rays. Of course, you will not think of holding your kids out of the sun when they want to play outside. Wiley X prescription safety glasses online polycarbonate lenses give 100% Protection from both UVA and UVB rays. This feature is ideal for your child’s favorite outdoor glasses, and it will help protect them from eye degradation that can lead to cataracts.

  1. Scratch Resistance Lenses

When you’re not concerned about your child’s facial safety, the next step of parental concerns regarding glasses is scratch-resistance lenses. There are numerous methods for repairing a set of safety glasses, but scratches nearly always result in a permanent loss of quality and clarity. Wiley X had seen it. The WileyX safety lenses are always protected with a robust anti-scratch T-shell coating to provide your kids with stress-free play and safe in vigorous practice without the chance of a single scratch on their lenses.

Buying Wileyx Safety Glasses from Safety Eyeglasses

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