7 Reasons Why Everyone Need A Switchboard Upgrade!


The health of your switchboard is vital to the protection of your home from electrical dangers. It’s an essential electrical component that distributes electricity around your home. Old electrical switchboards are hazardous because their fuses can be installed incorrectly leading to hotspots and electrical arcing which can be transmitted through the entire wiring system. This could cause damage to electrical appliances, and create an extremely high risk of fire. The switches are in the smallest areas of the home. If a fire or spark occurs in a malfunctioning system it can spread rapidly which can damage property and threaten lives. Older switchboards may trigger switches too frequently and could have wires that are loose which increases the chance of electrocution. However, a switchboard upgrade can aid in resolving these issues. This article provides seven reasons to update your switchboard.

1. Increase The Safety Of Electrical Equipment

The older electric switchboards pose a risk due to their wiring issues. The majority of them have wiring that cannot be approved at present because of the risk of sparking, shorting, and possibly causing fires. The wiring could create heat in the switches and fuse terminals, resulting in an increased risk of fire. Older switchboards are insulated that, when damaged expose wires that conduct electricity.

They do not have that residual current gadget (RCD) that detects the presence of electrical shocks and switches off the circuits instantly. The latest switchboards come with the safety switch RCD. It helps save lives by shutting off any potential electrocution that could occur. Because electrical safety standards have changed over time and upgrading your switchboard can help to meet these requirements.

2. Cope With The Ever-Changing Demands Of Power

The continual advancement of technology has resulted in the production of more electronic devices and appliances employed in businesses and homes in the present, resulting in more power requirements. If power is drawn by your switching device, electrical overloading is a common cause of fires, as well as other problems. Furthermore, electrical circuits are designed to manage a limited amount of electricity.

Modern switchboards come with circuit breakers to prevent the power from going over the limit. If you use more than the typical circuitry capacity it could cause an overload. A switchboard that is not up to date can be able to deal with modern-day homes’ electrical demands. And which can lead to short circuits, and damage to appliances as well as fires and flashing lights.

3. Save Money

Older switchboards are typically less efficient. This means that they are prone to wasting energy, resulting in a higher power bill. They may also incur high maintenance costs because they are more vulnerable to malfunctions, which could lead to more calls for help.

Switchboards that have been upgraded come with circuit breakers as well as residual current devices that make it less necessary to call electricians in for items that require updating on older boards. Modern switchboards are more efficient in energy use which helps lower your monthly power costs.

4. Meet Electrical Safety Standards

The government, along with other bodies that are relevant usually establishes minimum safety standards and electrical standards for all houses and the owners of buildings to comply with. This is to ensure the electrical systems of their homes and buildings can be able to handle the energy demands. Modern families put their switchboards to due to the increased demand for modern technology and appliances.

The electrical standards set by the government have essential requirements for your switchboard including all lights and power switches with safety features to shut down in the event of overloading. This helps prevent electrical malfunctions from threatening your home.

5. The Fuse In Your Home Is Blowing

If you’ve noticed your fuses have been blowing constantly or melting, think about switching to a new switchboard as soon as possible. The older style fuse types like ceramic ones aren’t designed to withstand the load that modern appliances and gadgets place on them which causes them to explode in the face of pressure.

Ceramic fuses are only safe for your house, and no protection for your body from electrocution. If your fuse is constantly melting or blowing, it could be a risk to your safety. Think about replacing them with modern safety switches that will increase security while reducing the risk of fire.

6. Remove Panels Made Of Asbestos

Many old switchboards come with back panels that are made of asbestos. The use of these materials means that electricians aren’t able to access the system to make repairs due to the risks of asbestos being inhaled and getting into the lung. Switchboards that have asbestos on them require qualified electricians to take them off and replace the backing panel.

7. Handle Flickering Lights That Flicker

There are many causes for flickering lights. These could include lighting bulbs that are defective or circuits that are overloaded, intermittent power surges that originate from the grid, or even the switchboard.

Older switches aren’t able to control an uninterrupted flow of electricity. Look for fallen circuits, overcrowded wiring for your switchboard as well as blackened or melted fuse connections to find the cause of lights that flicker. A new switchboard upgrade can assist in solving this problem.


Modernized switchboards are a great option to protect yourself from electrical dangers. Think about upgrading your switchboard so that you can take advantage of these benefits.

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