6 Ways Ticketless Parking System Can Make You Invincible!

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The introduction of ticket-free parking means that drivers who utilize parking facilities and the companies that manage these facilities, enjoy a variety of advantages. Ticketless parking permits users to park in a facility and then park and exit without having to purchase or show tickets. In a ticketless parking system, there’s no requirement to fill out any forms whatsoever. You will notice that the ticketless way of parking can mean efficiency gains can be achieved which will increase the revenue streams. What is the reason ticketless parking is the best option? Find out in this article.

A Modern Approach

In the beginning tickets for car parking remained in place, however, they look outdated when compared to ticketless parking facilities. As people become more comfortable with ticket-free car parks, they’ll become more aware of the additional inconvenience they face when they use a ticketed facility. In today’s competitive market parking companies that offer ticketless alternatives will be able to compete with those who use the old-fashioned systems. This means that ticketless systems are current with consumer demands as contactless payment such as e-ticketing, ticketing, and other systems are becoming the norm. By automating the ticketing system for your car park and ticketing system, your establishment will appear more modern and up to the current technology.

No Tickets, Lower Stress

Automatically determining the time a car has been in and out of your parking area by using an efficient licensing plate identification device, you will not have to ask customers to prove they paid in advance, by showing their tickets. Remember that this method requires the manual supervision of dashboards, and the majority of problems arise when drivers forget to present their tickets. In car parks, where drivers are required to present tickets at entry and then present them to an exit pay station without showing the ticket, there could be frequent problems.


Many car park operators are aware that patrons are the most upset when they lose their tickets, accidentally tear them, or mark them in a way that they can’t be read. If you have a ticketless system but these problems disappear. There is no longer the issue of tickets blowing off dashboards while drivers close their cars or of drivers complaining that they’ve lost their tickets. Therefore, managing your car park will be less stress-inducing.

Efficient Entry and Exit

In general, parking facilities that require tickets are governed by two bottlenecks. The first is a barrier that blocks entry into the parking facility. Every driver must stop, get an entry ticket, and then keep it for the duration of their stay. This can result in delays as drivers are forced to line up for entry into the car park. This is which can turn people off, particularly at high traffic times. Even though customers at car parks can pay by foot, rather than leaving their vehicle at the exit, there may also be delays when the line at the pay station grows. However, after the parking is purchased, the exit to the facility will typically be limited while the ticket needs to be presented a second time before leaving the parking facility.


The lag of a few seconds every now and then as drivers look for their tickets every time could quickly become an issue, leaving those in the line, frustrated and possibly blocking the bays that could be utilized by customers arriving. When you eliminate tickets however you can make it easier for customers to enter and departure of your establishment in a jiffy, making sure that the car park is running smoothly and allowing more access to parking spaces. Particularly for car parks that are busy this method can allow an improvement in efficiency and consequently better revenue streams.

Lower Administrative Costs

One of the biggest expenses associated with typical car parks is the expenses required to pay the staff who run it. Car parks that pay and display, in which tickets are paid for at the entry point and are available for inspection, require surveillance to ensure that customers don’t misuse the system. In the case of tickets that are handed out upon entry and are purchased at departure, you’ll need personnel to address any issues that may come to light, including lost or damaged tickets.

With the option of a ticket-free car park, you’ll reduce your personnel expenses by a significant amount and often manage the entire facility or multiple facilities using Internet connections to address the small issues with customer service that may occur at times. Working without tickets also means that you do not need to keep employees standing by to handle blocked machines or refill the ticket machines and, naturally, refilling machines.

Simpler Parking Facility Maintenance

As we’ve mentioned before, reducing your operating costs through automatizing your ticketless parking system can make a lot of economic sense. With fewer obstacles or even no barriers at all in some set-ups and the requirement for a small amount of manual car parking equipment which means that your maintenance expenses decrease. This is because car licensing systems, such as license recognition, and similar systems have small moving parts that are prone to be damaged. This makes them easier to use and, as a result, the number of calls to your service for repairs and tweaks will likely decrease significantly.

Improved Customer Service

In the end, it’s important to note that the advantages of running a ticketless vehicle park aren’t all which are beneficial to commercial operators. When you opt for an automated ticketing system you’ll also provide your customers with more freedom, less time waiting in line, a simple payment process, and less trouble due to lost tickets. These factors will improve the experience for customers and increase the level of satisfaction. This is not just great for the driver who needs a place to park, but of course, however, it’s also good for the business, in turn, becomes a popular service supplier.


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