6 Tricks To Get Into Ketosis Quickly During Keto Diet

While following the Keto Diet, it is important to enter into the process of Ketosis. Ketosis is the process in which the body uses fat instead of carbs and starts burning fats for weight loss. …

While following the Keto Diet, it is important to enter into the process of Ketosis. Ketosis is the process in which the body uses fat instead of carbs and starts burning fats for weight loss.

Here are the 6 tips that will help you to boost the ketosis fast:

1. Go to Sleep at 10 pm

Sleep is the most important for the ketogenic diet because when the body is at rest they produce more ketones. Basically, your body repairs itself by releasing growth hormones overnight. Try to sleep at 10 pm without a high level of cortisol. A high level of stress causes a state of inflammation and a sudden rise in glucose. It prevents the body from entering ketosis. Moreover, avoiding light from the computer, cell phone, lamps, televisions and any other type of artificial light suggests to the pineal gland that it is afternoon when, in fact, it is night and you should sleep. The body does not distinguish between artificial and natural light, causing cortisol levels to rise suddenly and rapidly.

2. Consume Keto Capsules

Keto fat burner capsules are available in the market, which helps the body to change the mechanism of energy sources. buy keto capsules and keep it continuing in your keto diet. It is essential for your body to start the ketosis process as soon as possible to work on fat. Usually, it takes about 5-7 days, in which the body starts to get ketosis. But with the keto capsules, it gets easier for you. 

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3. Exercise Daily

It is ideal to exercise daily with a keto diet if you have less energy due to a lack of carbohydrates. Instead of breaking up your exercises. Try to exercise at least for 2-3 muscle groups. For example, spend one day on the leg, another day on the back and biceps and the third day on the chest and shoulder. 

Exercise as per your energy level, but it is essential to work out daily. Likewise, you will deplete your glycogen stores faster and enter ketosis.

4. Reduce Your Carbohydrate Intake

We do not suggest giving up on carbohydrates totally. Even it causes keto flu, an uncomfortable resistance and adjustment period of your body in which you do not feel good.

But, try to reduce the carbohydrates gradually. This is how you can gradually reduce your intake of bread and other carbohydrates.

If you are eating 100 grams in the first week, reduce it in the second week like 80 grams and gradually go on.

If you want to lower your consumption faster, east 50grmas in the first week, 30gram in the second week, 15 grams in the third week, and so on. This approach will still give you keto flu, but you can handle it if you get enough sleep and balance your macronutrient intake.

5. Increase Fat Intake

For the keto diet, it is always advisable to eat a lot of fats. Consume a lot of fats if you really want that your body will recognise when to use stored fat. It is not about calories. Easy as much fat as you can. A big increase in fat, like 250grams per day. However, this is not to say that you do not take into consideration the correct amount of protein and carbohydrates.

With fat, maintain the protein and carbohydrate ratio too throughout the day. When opting to increase the quantity of fat you consume, consider your nutritional needs based on your age, weight, and level of physical activity.

6. Do Intermittent Fasting

The most common and easiest way to start intermittent fasting, in the 16:8 method. This means you have to fast for 16 hours and rest within 8 hours. The better you stick to the plan, the better result you will get. If you eat constantly throughout the day, the body provides glucose, but excess glucose can be counterproductive. Consider making changes to your eating program

  • A drop in insulin level will start the fat-burning mechanism.
  • Growth hormone levels will increase the burning of bad fats.
  • Repair the damaged cell will begin, new cell create and the old cell will be removed
  • It will increase your body’s immunity by strengthening its defences against diseases

If you follow all the steps carefully without any cheat meal day, it will definitely boost the ketosis process and start showing results on the body. 

The most common mistake is, respect the diet from Monday to Friday and break it on weekends. Try to avoid the cheat day while following the keto diet. 

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