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Buy Painitngs Online Nature Colors Walk into Woods Paintings 24 W x 18 H Acrylic On Canvas by Tanvi Parekh

Art galleries or exhibitions can be thought of as spaces filled with paintings and other art memorabilia offered for sale to the masses. Art galleries are an excellent way for artists to showcase their talent to the world. Buy Paintings Online or  Buyers can benefit from these galleries as they can purchase the works of their favorite artists directly. However, they also have some disadvantages. Visiting an art gallery or exhibition can be a very intimidating first experience for someone not very familiar with the art. There are very few laws to help laymen navigate the vast collection of art memorabilia. 

Due to physical restrictions, art galleries and exhibitions cannot display more than a certain number of images online. Art collectors are known to travel to distant places to visit most exhibitions or galleries. But when more than one exhibition is going on at the same time, they must sacrifice one at the expense of the comfort of participating in the other. Also due to time constraints, many people cannot visit the exhibitions.

In this painting is showing a beautiful portrait of lord Ganesha hang in living room.

Buy Paintings from Online Art Gallery in India

Online art galleries have made it easy for people around the world to view, admire and trade their art collections. Online art galleries are virtual platforms where you can sell or buy original works of art. They are accessible at all times, even in the middle of the night. Just visit the website and start browsing. Online galleries contain huge collections of art forms of all genres, created by well-known and emerging artists. To help you Buy Paintings Online, here are some helpful tips. 

Not everyone can afford famous paintings by artists like Salvador Dali, Picasso, Jackson Pollock, etc. So, instead of Buy Paintings Online or buying real paintings, people can buy art prints with signatures hand-signed by the artist. Prints such as lithographs, etchings, and silkscreens are the most commonly purchased versions of actual paintings by famous and deceased artists. But be careful when buying. Printouts are easily forged and duplicated. Always request proof of authentication from the website you are buying from. Follow the same process as when buying original images online. Ask the artist to confirm the purchase of the paintings.

Peacock Landscape Madhubani Painting Fabric Color On Handmade Paper Size(Inch): 22.5 W x 15 H by Bandana Jha

Unless you’re a collector with more artwork than space, you’ll most likely want to hang a painting on a wall in your home. One of the most difficult aspects of purchasing art online is determining the size of the piece after reading the dimensions. If you have a specific location in mind for displaying your paintings, use a tape measure to determine the actual size of the area, the amount of space required on all sides, and the number of inches required to frame.

6 Tips to Buy Paintings Online

Always buy from websites that meet government standards for e-commerce. The chances of buying counterfeit products from a website that meets government standards are very slim. These websites use legitimate payment gateways to conduct online transactions. This is another way to verify the authenticity of the website, as rogue websites do not use government-approved payment gateways. 

 Find information about the painting you want to Buy Paintings Online from an Online Art Gallery. Make sure the site is licensed to sell this image and that the artist is registered on the site to sell their images. Be prepared to pay big bucks for top performers. No legitimate website sells the best works by famous artists for half or a tenth of their actual price. If you see such labels on the site, you’d better opt out. 

Do a little checking on the website you are buying art from. Check user ratings and comments to confirm their legitimacy. Make sure everything is in order and contact the site owners if you think something is wrong. Online galleries have social media advertising accounts and pages for obvious marketing reasons. The legit website is known for updating its social media accounts from time to time to inform people about upcoming collections or exhibitions. 

Almost all reputable websites list artist details and provide them along with image details. You can also contact the artist directly. Do not trade with artists you cannot get or reach. Contact gallery representatives if you think something is wrong. 

Online galleries occasionally hold online auctions. They guarantee anonymity when presenting offers. Before participating in online auctions, familiarize yourself with the entire auction and ordering process. Unlike regular shopping, online auctions come with some convenience fees and other fees. Allow the user to ask questions about this before registering for the auction. 

Love of Indigenous Paintings Acrylic On Canvas Size(Inch): 48 W x 36 H by Uttam Manna

Closing Thoughts 

Internet services have revolutionized the business world and are slowly growing in popularity among people of all ages. It’s easier to approach the young but just as difficult to approach the older. Some people remain skeptical when it tot paintings online because the internet attracts all sorts of shady characters. As you get used to it, you will find that online galleries are much better than their offline counterparts.

We hope that this guide has given you the confidence to buy paintings online. Contact us at +91 7739918888 or info@dirums.com for a free art consultation, and browse our curated art collection on Dirums.

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