5 Common Challenges Faced by Students in Assignments

Doing the same thing every other month seems to be the most boring and monotonous task ever. Yes, we are talking about the assignments you are asked to write again, whose deadline is within a week, and you are yet to start. As you are already frustrated with your assignments, you do not even wish to work on any kind of academic project again.
You should know that these academic projects help you in improving your overall percentage. However, when you are not a wordsmith, there are chances that you may lack in forming a qualitative sentence. This cycle continues till you don’t try to change it. Today, as you have decided to learn from your mistakes, it is important for you to know all the possible challenges you face that lead you to take assignment help services. In this write-up, we discuss some common challenges and will show how to resolve them.

Assignment Writing Challenges and Their Solutions

Assignment writing is never a tough task; students just have to know what they are asked to do, and then they can easily finish their project within the deadline. All the challenges in academic writing occur when students procrastinate their tasks and leave them to do later. At the last minute, students hardly have the bandwidth to do related research or follow those uncountable steps. This leads them to write an assignment in a hurry where the quality hampers, and they end up with poor quality assignments and bad grades. As you can also relate to these issues, today, let’s discuss the challenges that lead students to the last-minute rush or, at last, make them look for online assignment help. Here, we will also discuss how you can easily solve these challenges and not repeat them the next time.

Time Management

The very first challenge that you and every other student face is time management. The minute you are assigned assignments, it clearly states what is the deadline for your project. These deadlines are set after critically thinking and considering all the factors to ensure students get enough time to work on their assignments. However, the complexity of the assignment leads students to procrastinate their work. As they deal with several other things simultaneously, they prefer to work on their academic projects at the last minute. This mistake of leaving the work to do at the last minute brings thousands of challenges that either lead students to write and submit a poor assignment or to take assignment help from professionals.

Solution: As you may also face the same challenge of managing your time, the best you can do is divide your task into several steps. Knowing that assignment writing is a process of dividing before writing while writing, and after writing steps, you should prefer to divide your tasks and do one thing in one day. For example, one day, understand the assignment completely, then the next day, research it and form a rough draft; the next day, write your assignment, and at last, proofread and edit your work. This technique is also known as the Pomodoro technique, which every student should use to easily tackle their academic projects.

Understanding the Assignment

Students are not a big fan of assignment writing and have a thousand other tasks like part-time jobs, extracurricular activities, and study groups to visit, so they find it difficult to manage their time well. In the meantime, the complexity of the assignment leads them to procrastinate their work till the last minute. All this hassle is because the students fail to understand what they are supposed to do in their assignments. The mistake of not reading the guidelines or instructions given by professors or the university leads students to stay confused and write an assignment how they prefer. This undoubtedly leads to a poor-quality written assignment making students lose their quality grades.

Solution: As you are also a student facing challenges in understanding the assignments correctly, you may look for solutions, and the best you may find is taking online assignment help. However, for your assistance, here is all you need to do: simply understand the assignment completely before you begin writing it. Read all instructions, guidelines, or assignment questions carefully and attentively, jotting down the crucial information. In this manner, you will clearly understand what you have to do and how you will do it. The referencing style, marking rubric, and assignment type: once you have understood these things, you can easily finish writing the entire assignment.


The next big challenge students usually get stuck with is researching for their assignments. Every assignment contains a motive and a specific word limit. The motive of assigning assignments to students is to ensure that while writing these assignments, they are able to enhance their knowledge. An assignment’s specific word limit hints at how the assignment should be written. But what leads to this failure is students not researching enough for their projects. Research is a time-consuming task, and when students don’t have enough time in hand or access to authentic resources, they fail to insert valuable knowledge into their assignments, fail to enhance their knowledge, and finally, fail to meet the required word limit.

Solution: Not doing enough research or research at all leads students to submit a weak assignment that directly impacts their grades. If you have been struggling with research, here’s what you should do. Find the best academic samples of the question or topic of your assignment. The authentic samples you will get will contain references from where the scholar took the information. Similarly, you can take the required information from those sources as well. Or else, if you still fail to find authentic sources, you can ask an online assignment help service provider to give you access to those sources or to write the assignments for you.

Assignment Structure

The next common challenge students face while writing their academic projects is the structure of their assignments. When working on academic projects at the last minute, students hardly have the bandwidth to write their assignments with perfection. Also, when students don’t read the instructions for their assignment, they fail to know what they are supposed to write, and hence, they mess up the entire assignment structure. In the entire university journey, a student is asked to write several types of academic projects like essays, assignments, research papers, research reports, case studies, and, at last, a dissertation. Each of these projects contains different structures, and when students don’t know what they are supposed to write, they end up writing the wrong structure of their assignment, leading to failure.

Solution: The wrong structure of your assignment can lead to messy writing and directly impact your grades. To change this, you can check the assignment samples an assignment help service provider offers. As you find it challenging to understand the correct assignment structure yourself, the samples will help you know the correct way to write an assignment. You will be amazed to know that the introduction, body, and conclusion are not what an assignment is all about. When you see a sample, you will realise how to use bullet points, visual elements, and the correct structure for referencing your citations.

Citing the Sources

Students’ next big challenge while writing their assignments is citing their sources. Most of the time, students don’t even know what a citation is, so the point of using the referencing style and citing their sources is a big question mark in front of them. When students research and find something valuable to include in their assignment, they copy-paste the words as they are. This action leads to plagiarism, a sign of copyright infringement that students fail to understand and receive poor grades. One more challenge of referencing or citing the sources that stand in front of students is students’ lack of reading the assignment guidelines and instructions; hence, they fail to know the correct citation style.

Solution: To solve this problem, what you can do is know what kind of referencing style you are asked to use; it will be mentioned in your assignment’s instructions paragraph. There, you will know what referencing style you have to use, whether it is APA, MLA, Harvard, or Chicago referencing style. But now the question is how you will cite your sources for a finance assignment. Well, it is not a big challenge but surely confusing and hence, if you struggle to do it yourself, you prefer to get finance assignment help from experts, who will assist you in citing your sources easily.

Wrapping it up

As these are some common challenges students face while writing their assignments, there is also a list of other challenges. For instance, lack of motivation, unknown of the topic, unknown writing style, difficulty finding time for writing the assignment, technical issues, language barrier, knowing about correct academic tools, can’t understand the marking scheme and more. To take care of each such challenge, students can avail of finance assignment help services and ask the experts to help them easily finish their assignments. Although, do remember that there is no such academic challenge you can’t solve. You only need a study partner or mentor to help you easily understand the assignment question requirements and guide you through the research and writing process.

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