10 Methods to Make Boring Research Proposal Interesting

Research Proposal

Research is science as well as the art of searching for new ideas that can bring colours to the monotonous picture of the world. Without research, it would be impossible for humans to start living in luxurious houses instead of those old muddy ones. So, it will not be wrong to say that research defines the future of the earth. However, you can also opt for it to define your future as well. If you are capable enough to think about new ideas and have the patience to deal with every problem quite calmly, then research is the best career option for you.

The academic research aims to train students for conducting all industrial as well as commercial level research. Still, you must think of new research ideas on your own. A research proposal is a type of literary document that allows you to put further research ideas before the research committee. If your research ideas click the concerned department on your campus, you must pursue them without procrastinating. Is it exciting? We have heard many students saying that they are getting bored with writing research proposals. Well, it is not boring at all, especially for those who are fond of searching for new things.

What Makes The Research Proposal Writing Boring?

Not at all a single cause makes the research proposal writing difficult yet boring for you. Sometimes it’s you who made it boring. Couldn’t you get my point? Let me explain.

An academic task is interesting for a student, while the same task seems boring to others. Do you ever think about why? Of course, it depends on how one deals with a task. The one who first understands the task and then starts following a detailed process to fulfill all its requirements can never get bored. Contrary to this, those suffering from sesquipedalphobia (phobia to using long and complete words) or taking things on their nerves can never enjoy research proposal writing.

Likewise, it’s your project management skills or interpersonal qualities that make even research- the most interesting task, boring. Lack of knowledge, inability to solve a query and lack of confidence to deal with problems or available resources all are leading causes of making an interesting task boring.

Is Research Proposal Writing Really Boring?

How can a task be boring if it asks you to find something new? Think about it for a while. Actually, writing a proposal is all about using previous studies as a ladder to reach the top. Put simply; it asks students to complete a few simple tasks:

  1. To find a topic that makes you curious to know more about it.
  2. To know whether the topic has any real-world existence.
  3. To find all the relevant scholarly work that has addressed a similar issue in one way or another.
  4. To find ways to solve the puzzle.
  5. To get updates about how similar problems have been solved in the past.
  6. To decide on the data collection method, data analysis technique, and sample size or sampling techniques.
  7. To make an informed guess about the expected outcomes.

Have you reviewed the tasks mentioned above for your proposal writing? Do you find anything boring in it? Of course, not. Each task sets the stage for another one and helps you learn more about the situation from different aspects. All in all, research proposal writing is not a boring task.

What Are Some Ways To Make A Boring Task Interesting?

Still, if any of the factors described in the first section of this article make research proposal writing boring for you, then you must follow the below tips to make your task enjoyable.

Try To Understand The Nitty-Gritty Of The Research:

If you know the best possible way to handle a research query, then, of course, you will easily cope with all challenges without getting frustrated.

Make A Storyline For Your Research:

Suspense stories never let your interest down at any point, so it will be good for you to create a storyline for your academic research. It will serve the same purpose.

Discuss Things With One Who Knows More:

Every time when you discuss your views with an expert, you will add up something new to your existing knowledge. That will surely be an interesting way to stand out.

Never Get Afraid Of Taking New Challenges:

A research proposal demands you to cope with a series of challenges if you are really striving for creativity. So, accept challenges and keep fighting till the end, as most of you do while playing interesting games.

Take Revisions Constructive:

Revisions are indeed boring; still, take them as constructive as possible. They are very good at improving the quality of your proposal manifolds.

Use The Power Of Social Media:

Social media has opened the door to another world. So, start seeing out of this world to gather ideas that will amaze the residents of earth and let you shine at the same time.

Set Milestones For You:

Tasks appear boring when you can’t see the end line. So, just set small milestones that are easier to obtain or keep working on. Remember, slow and steady wins the race.    

Try To Manage Resources Effectively:

Never take resource management as a burden; try to enjoy the process. Additionally, by keenly managing all available resources and asking for financial help from funding bodies, you can overcome all problems if they arise.

Take a Recreational Break to Keep Moving on with the Same Enthusiasm:

Have you seen the Captcha, I’m not a robot? If yes, then mind it. We really are not robots, so taking periodic recreational breaks is necessary to feel fresh and excited to gather new ideas for research.

Take Research Proposal Help:

Search for the best firm to get research proposal help and place an order to get your work done by experts to never get bored.


In this article, we have discussed research proposal writing from all possible aspects. First, we discussed some factors responsible for making an interesting research-related task boring. Secondly, it answered frequently asked questions, whether research proposal writing is really boring. Thirdly, the tasks involved in proposal writing were discussed. In the end, ten methods for making proposal writing interesting were also mentioned. Now, you must refresh yourself and look forward to coming out with a proposal that will be a masterpiece.

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